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Telling Your Story

In today’s competitive climate, offering a quality product or service at a fair price is only half of the success equation.

What sets the most profitable businesses apart is their ability to connect with customers. And that starts with a persuasive brand story.

For 25 years, MotionMasters, an award-winning multimedia company based in Charleston, has been helping organizations and businesses around the world reach – and connect with – target audiences through compelling videos, DVDs, commercials, print collateral, websites and streaming video.

Stories have the power to galvanize an organization around defined business objectives, says MotionMasters CEO Diana Sole Walko. “They can spark action, transmit values and foster collaboration.

“If you look back through history, the best and most memorable leaders are the ones who can communicate through story. Unfortunately, businesses are often the worst at that,” she observes. “They want to bombard you with facts and statistics about why you should purchase their product or service. But people are justifiably suspicious of that type of approach.

“Instead, tell them a story,” she says, “by explaining what those facts and figures mean and why they should matter to the customer.”

The Charleston Area Alliance is a good channel for sharing your story with potential customers and fellow business owners, says Diana.

“Early in my career as a business owner, I felt very isolated. I had questions about so many things, and didn’t really have someone to bounce issues or ideas around with,” she says.

Membership and active participation in the Alliance gave her the chance to interact with others facing the same challenges. “All these years later, I still have questions — and so do they…. We learn from each other. And that’s made us, and our companies, stronger.”

The Alliance offers a wide range of programs and services that help businesses and our community succeed.

“Membership has very practical, present value, like the ability to send your employees, or yourself, to training seminars, attend Business After Hours to mine new business, participate in Art Walks, etc.,” says Diana, adding that “for me, however, the real value of my membership is its future value — the community we can build by acknowledging no man is an island.”

At the Alliance, we’re proud to provide a forum for businesses to share their story, and we’d love to hear yours.

Join us at upcoming event and help create “happily ever afters” for you, your business and our region.

To see how the Alliance tells its story through video (many produced with the help of MotionMasters), visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/CharlestonArea.

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Let MotionMasters Hit the Bull’s Eye

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MotionMasters Wins Telly Award

MotionMasters, a nationally recognized producer of educational media based in Charleston, has won a Telly award for its educational piece entitled, “Deadly Driving Distractions: Texting, Cell Phones and Other Killers.”

The 20-minute documentary style video, now in national distribution for use in classrooms across the country, features informal discussion groups with area teens who speak candidly about what they, and their friends, do while behind the wheel—other than driving. Texting, eating, drinking, talking on the phone, playing music and horsing around with friends make the list of distractions that nearly all the teens admitted to engaging in while driving.

The video also features interviews with local aeronautical paramedics who recount in ghastly detail the destruction wreaked by distracted driving. A hospital chaplain from a large local medical center gives an account of having to tell parents that distracted driving has claimed the lives of their children. Neurologists, emergency room surgeons and the country’s leading authority on “inattention blindness” and distracted driving, Dr. David Strayer of the University of Utah, also were interviewed for the MotionMasters project. The video concludes with a wrenching interview with the parents of a young Marine who died behind the wheel because he was texting. Flash cuts, fast-paced music, motion graphics and alarming national statistics on the deadly toll of distracted driving were incorporated into the video to keep it from being “preachy” or off-putting to its target audience of teen drivers.

“We knew that teens wouldn’t listen to an adult tell them why they shouldn’t engage in distracted driving, so we let the stories flow naturally—from teens to other teens—and it worked beautifully,” said MotionMasters CEO Diana Sole Walko, who also served as executive producer for the film.

The 2011 Telly Awards competition is the 32nd annual recognition of outstanding local, regional, national and international video and film productions; TV commercials and programs, and Web commercials, videos and films. Each year more than 10,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries vie for what is perhaps the industry’s most prestigious and coveted award. A judging panel of more than 500 industry professionals, each a previous winner of a Telly, call the shots on the winning titles. Last year’s winners included video productions from big names such as TV Guide Network, Harpo Studios, CBS Television Distribution and The Weather Channel, among others.

“We’re pleased to win another Telly to add to our collection, but we’re really gratified to know that the work we’re doing is being viewed by teens across the country—and that it promotes better driving habits,” said Walko.

See a clip of “Deadly Driving Distractions” at www.MotionMasters.com.

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